Saturday, August 18, 2018


glimpse of the entropic, grinding-to-a-halt vibe of music culture in the mid-70s - the E1 festival of July '74, in Stepney

notable historically for appearance near the end of Elvis Costello fronting his first band Flip City - and essentially doing Get Happy! six years ahead of schedule.

more proof if needed of the secret contiguity and blurring of Old Wave and New Wave

(via Open Culture - and the London Community Video Archive)

More 74-made films from LCVA

side-burned well-spoken activist supports recreation-starved kids in struggle for play spaces!

top of the Poplars

Powis to the people!

power to the Pepys

All the fun of the fair (is this Deptford?)

Oooh a good one from a few years into the New Wave era - what looks like kids in class (further ed college? poly?) pretending to be punx?

And one from '72 on squatting

Verily a trove of verite on the fly lo-fi doccery - urban history as ghostly mirages

Friday, August 17, 2018

munn musikk

gets increasingly strange from about 20 minutes in

attractive cover, too

(via Bret Sjerven)

more Krog rok

Saturday, August 11, 2018


the missing link between the Moog solo in "Wake Up and Make Love To Me" and Daft Punk

or perhaps (in rockier mode) something like Hillage meets Bootsy

but - in both cases - not quite as good as either of those analogies might suggest

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

det var i morgen (danske but yes danske)

blurb from  Institute for Danish Sound Archaeology 

"This release presents a selection of sound experiments made by Danish tape amateurs during the period of 1959-1976. The pieces included on the record are all contributions, which have been submitted to Danish tape amateur contests, but none of the works have been released before. The compilation represents a fragment of a previously overlooked and forgotten piece of Danish sound- and music history, where people experimented with the tape recorder in their spare time, creating sound collages and electronic music. "

Institute for Danish Sound Archaeology  who also reissued this earlier-Creeled beaut by Knud Viktor

Thursday, July 5, 2018

avant eye candy - the return's return!!