Tuesday, February 19, 2019

time capsule

Wilko = the British Nile Rodgers

stubbier, less fleet....  Watneys + sulphate, rather than champagne + coke

his fingernails must be tougher than industrial diamond

bonus time capsule

Sunday, February 17, 2019

rock theatre (#1 of ??)

 ‘This company aimed to explode myths about the female psyche and challenged the notion that women are there to serve as ciphers for male protagonists in theatre. This music/theatre company – eclectic, savage, funny, tender and populist exploited everything from performance art to punk – and carried on in many incarnations for 14 years. It was a marriage of many styles’ - from http://sadistasisters.blogspot.com/

Jude Alderson on Sadista Sisters first show at the Hard Rock Cafe, via Unfinished Histories, a website documenting alternative theatre in the UK

"The thing at the Hard Rock wasn’t a show, the thing at the Hard Rock was a sort of event… it was a happening. The first show was…the opening, the set was a pair of female legs and a heart shape, in the centre, which I don’t need to tell you what that was, with a cellophane covering, and Teresa and I in pink cat suits with these amazing masks that were across here [indicates across face], that were like with cheeks and dummies on them and we had pink swimming hats on. So we looked like babies or foetuses or whatever, and we tore our way out of this heart, and then we sang this song ‘Baby Doll’, so we turned immediately into…desirable… nubile, Barbie doll baby women."

album audible here - http://www.bazboothzone.co.uk/music.php?item=380

Teresa D’Abreu later in Babylon
Jude Alderson is ex-Kiss International and later Amazonia Music Theatre Company.
Dave Stewart is ex-Longdancer, later in Catch
Susie Hendrix (Tinline) is ex-Flicks, later in Painted Lady
Wendy Herman is later in Angletrax
Diedre Cartright is ex-Painted Lady
Denise Dufort is ex-Flicks, later in Girlschool & Au Pairs
Susie (Gutsy) Webb is ex-Flicks, later in Slits, Au Pairs
Jim Toomey later in The Tourists, Pete Dilemma is ex-Doctors Of Madness, later in TV Smith’s Explorers

Thursday, February 14, 2019

prog portents #1

Chuck Eddy thinks this Canadian prog group are here inventing industrial music

they are certainly inventing something ahead of schedule