Monday, September 26, 2016

wrapped up like a douche

used to love this song as a nipper - what a production!

i don't think i've ever listened to Brucie's original

really different. i prefer the non-original, but yeah, it's alright

The longer album version

Manfred could pull it off live too

I have yet to investigate their albums discography, shamefully

One of them - 72's self-titled debut - is one of the very very few proggy things to make Greil Marcus's personal canon of the essential rock-era records at the back of Stranded.

late 70s

school TV programme from 1977 looking behind the scenes of the making of Rock Follies

late 70s starting to seem as a mysterious and as long ago as early 70s and sixties to me... even though i was aware and alert during them, actively following what was going

what was going on was a lot more and a lot different than what i was following i.e. postpunk / new wave

Friday, September 23, 2016

punk parody

including a character based on Caroline Coon

also Rock Follies gets mocked

see also