Wednesday, March 14, 2018

口楽 ( 音声ハードコア) (mouth music - voice hardcore)


mouth music (clara de lunacy)

mouthy part from about 4.40 onwards

Nogie bogie

well abstract noisy skronksynth... then glides into Japanese Weather Report

here come the drums


(not really sovietronica - belgidisco)

Sunday, March 11, 2018

mouth music (a load of B.S., or, Uncle Bob Cobbing and all)

a really interesting and entertaining BBC radiodoc - created by D.J. Taylor and Geoff Bird - about experimental novelists and sound poets of the British Sixties, involving deep dives into the BBC radio archives

B.S. Johnson, Ann Quin, Bob Cobbing, Rosemary Tonks, Alan Burns, Christine Brooke-Rose...

Particularly tantalising are snippets of the BBC Radiophonic / Delia Derbyshire collaborations with Tonks ("Sono-Montage") and Cobbing ("ABC in Sound")

More on Tonks here

Fragments of other Bob C stuff

Jandl - another sound poet the Radiphonic Workshop worked with

My favorite -  Lily Greenham

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018

The Crunch

this sort of de-necessitates Add N To X and Goldfrapp a quarter century ahead of schedule

synthglam trudge-funk bovver-boogie

what it reminds me of is "Spirit in the Sky" with a smear of futurity over the bluesy shuffle


me old mate Paul Oldfield points out this as a cousin to the Rah Band tune

that's the same Smoke as in "my friend jack eats sugarlumps"

But back to the RAH band - who i had always thought of (based on their 1980s stuff) as a jazz-funk group

well it's not a band at all, it's a bloke - a studio entity (Richard Anthony Hewson - R.A.H. geddit).

there's no synths involved - all done with guitars and bass done up with pedal effects

more of that Crunch-y ilk

these titles on the Crunch albums seem promising

. 01 00:00 The Crunch 02 03:38 Electric Fling 03 07:41 Concrete 04 12:30 Is Anybody There 05 16:50 Beyond 06 22:11 Spacerace 07 27:57 Turkey Roll 08 33:06 Vampire Vamp 09 38:38 Woogie Boogie 10 43:29 The Crunch (Reprise

but the promise is not delivered

in their 80s mode