Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the hit (Mary's Prayer?) is catchy enough I suppose

but generally with all those groups at that time -- danny wilson, kane gang, wet wet wet, loads more -- YuKK! that glutinous glossed up sound, the over-imploring vocals. what's to like?

i did love Prefab Sprout and Blue Nile a lot though, i see them as quite different

the Mondeo Pop thread was interesting cos it chimed this idea i had that, in the game of hip, the only frontier left is middlebrow. the Poptimists have used up "i like vacant thrill-powered pop", there's no edge to that taste stance... so what's left? Middlebrow music -- the mildly intelligent, well-made, well-meant stuff. Or once-edgy-stuff-gone-tame--Jesus and Mary Chain maybe.

Not understanding the semiotics of cars (i don't drive) Mondeo is a bit lost on me but i understand how the Beautiful South is one strand of middlebrow

Others would be Coldplay-type music, or Q's version of the best albums of all time, or Steve Lamacq. Or disc 4 of the Rhino Brit Box set.

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