Friday, December 4, 2009

on print media entryism

i actually am into lucidity and directness as ideals and find it easy to switch between newspaper-style writing and bloggoid infolded type stuff -- and also kinda enjoy the challenge of seeing if you can get ideas across without them seeming capital "i" Ideas -- but for some writers Style=Voice=the Message = something they don't want to sacrifice. it's that old idea that a writing about rock'n'roll should be rock'n'roll.

if you think about it "style" = anything in a piece of prose that is an impediment to instant understanding, clear transmission of data. a totally style-less piece would be utterly lucid but lack all flavour and personality -- but the more stylish a piece of writing, the harder it is to read quickly and the smaller its readership will be.

it's a trade-off

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