Friday, January 28, 2011

this stuff is a genre isn't it

but what was it?


  1. You're god! Finally somebody took notice that IS A GENRE!

  2. This is also a "genre with no name" piece, isn't it? That, plus Beck

  3. And this:

  4. never heard of Space before!

    and only vaguely remember that "Drinkin in LA" group

    i guess LA/Orange County is a common denominator with a lot of this stuff

    a bit of hip hop, a bit of reggae/ska, bit of skatepunk, bit of New Wave....

  5. No Doubt are (were?) sort of in this territory, aren't they? But they lack the West Coast hip-hop influence, which seems to be important for the mellow-but-slightly-sinister vibe, as well as the beats'n'scratches. Bran Van 3000 quote Snoop Dogg, IIRC.

    Jane's Addiction could maybe have gone that way if they had wanted to sell out properly.

    'Jane Says" + the 'Funky Drummer' beat = the Number 1 international summer jam smash hit of 1995.

    Might have had to change the lyrics, though


  7. No Doubt is where I draw the line

    But Sublime have crept up on me, through hearing that song on oldies radio here in LA

    at the time they did nothing for me

    But every else I posted I always liked, including Urban Dance Squad who were actually from Holland I believe, not SoCal

    if Jane's had gone all "Been Caught Stealin'" they'd have been part of it

    i suppose, now that you're mentioning "Funky Drummer", that this stuff was kinda like the West Coast equivalent to "baggy" -- alt-rock informed by a bit of hip hop and dance

    it's also not so very far from Big Audio Dynamite - B.A.D. + the beach

  8. And the ones who really did sell out - big time - in this sort of direction: the Red Hot Chili Peppers