Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new series!

Odd Little Films

concering motion pictures that aren't exactly good, but linger in your mind much more than other better more fully realised movies, in some cases only because one or two scenes

Charlie Bubbles (1967)

There is a scene in this towards the end, which I can't find on YouTube, of Albert Finney eating a bacon sandwich. The camera stays fixed on a single chew for about two or three minutes -- it's a big mouthful, and these are thick hearty slices of bread that his divorced missus (Billie Whitelaw, wonderfully stern) has made him, and he's just masticating away, and away, and it even follows through to him "cleaning" out his back teeth with the tongue for sticky bits of granary and bacon rind

Other good scenes are the depressing visit with his 9 year old son to Old Trafford to watch a football match... Bubbles, being a celebrity bestselling novelist on a return back home to North, gets them a director's box, bird's eye view, but of course it's remote and insulated from the crowd fervour of the stands, which is where the boy would rather be...

well that is weird, in the few minutes since i started writing this post and now, the two Youtubes i was going to post from the film -- the infamous sex scene and Liza Minelli and Albert Finney arriving in his Northern hometown -- have disappeared! Very odd.

Worth Netflixing or recording next time it pops up cable though.

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  1. I netflix'd it after you'd mentioned it elsewhere, but they have its availability as 'unknown.' Was previously unfamiliar with it, but am very curious to finally see it.