Tuesday, November 29, 2011

how fast the hype cycles churn these days, how amnesiac their roil is ... i'd completely forgotten about Sleigh Bells. what happened to them then?

i found their music almost unendurable at first, got into it a bit -- but from that initial physical discomfort i started to wonder whether digital distortion is radically different from analogue distortion... analog noise is really an overload of signals whereas digital distortion is closer like pixelisation, it's an underload not overload -- a dearth of signals. a kind of pocking of the sound surface with tiny perforations of lack, absent information... this riddling of holes in the sound-surface, it hurts your ears to fill in the gaps in the zeroes-and-ones, it's a strain because you're having to supply what's missing. in other words digi-distortion is a concentrated, instant/intense version of the aural fatigue you can get from listen to digital sound particularly relatively lo-res mpf3s over a long period of time.

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