Tuesday, May 15, 2012

cringetastic stuff in this FACT piece wherein Sun Araw and the filmakers behind the ICON EYE documentary  talk about gems from the vinyl haul they got in Jamaica while doing that record-cum-doc with the Congos

ICON EYE man Tony Lowe on Dennis Brown's "Let Love In":

"... just listened to this seven times and had to stop. Earthen scripture…the way he means ‘without love you can’t live on” – you know this lifetime has nothing to do with it! Was a very important mp3 for the boo and I last autumn, so to have the power of the original press on the home altar was a beautiful bless. The Crown Prince was 15 when he cut this."

and on Heart of the Congos:

"This is the Congos’ press on Ashanti Roy’s label; they cut herb on extra, unglued sleeves of this. He gave us all a copy when the week of sessions was over. Still in awe that Matt and the Congos opened that gateway. Only Cameron and Ged could have stepped through…thanks and praises Sam and I were there to film." 

and there's more!

In fairness, the comments by RVNG Intl. boss Matt Werth and Sun Araw's M. Geddes Gengras are perfectly sensible roots 'n' dub geekery, while Cameron Stallones's offerings are sweetly earnest and rather well written. Although I did think this line (on Ernest Wilson's "Undying Love") was trying a bit too hard:

"This is the sort of song you want to get stabbed to." 

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