Friday, June 29, 2012

earlier in the year i was chatting about bands who almost made a career out of wackeee cover versions (Flying Lizards, Laibach to an extent... and the Residents, for certain phases.... others I'm forgetting)

well i clean forgot about the Dickies ... and then was reminded by Graham's post here

and why would I remember, you might ask... weren't the Dickies the epitome of forgettable, dispensable?

Well, they had some UK hits

indeed this one got to #7 in the charts!

but "Nights in White Satin" just dented the Top 40

This, their first single, went Top 50. Strangely pointless given that "Paranoid" is already a punk song.

you mind be forgiven for wondering if did the Dickies ever did any original songs? well yes, but most of the singles seemed to be cover versions

non-single covers include Monkees' "She" , the Isley Brothers' ""Nobody But Me", the Left Banke's "Pretty Ballerina", and "Hair"

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  1. As far as their original material went, the rubber-duckie solo on "Curb Job" used to be a big fave with me.