Tuesday, July 3, 2012

There's a A.R. Kane Singles Collection coming out on One Little Indian later this year, and it has absolutely everything on it in terms of the singles and EPs (including "Anitina" their half of M/A/R/R/S)

everything except for this -- the semi-anonymous release as A.R.K.  from 1988 -- which seems to be Alex and Rudy's post-"Pump up the Volume" gesture at "yeah we can do club music too". hARK at all the clumsy scratching and sampling -- one in the eye to Dave Dorrell and CJ Mack!

i doubt if this rocked many club floors but an enjoyable then-modish / now-dated detour from the otherwise immaculate ARc of their discography proper

seem to remember "Listen Up" got an extravagant Paul Oldfield in full "National Geographic" mode write-up in MM  -- stuff about escarpments and moraines and so forth -- "National Geographic" was MM deputy editor Stickboy Sutherland's disapproving term for the direction our writing had lately gone in (climaxing with my use of "sastryugi" in a cover story on Loop)....

their music at its grandest (see, or hear, below) really did seem to demand metereological or geological tropes

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