Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trad jazz meets Survival Research Laboratories = Bruce Lacey

The subject of an early Ken Russell documentary

Lacey was a fellow traveler  with / sometime member of The Alberts


Does his (and their) "absurd nostalgia" make him a precursor to hauntology's lighter side?

The cracked Anglo-Dada side?

That Goonsy-ness that fed into The Beatles and Monty Python... into Bonzo Dog Band and Viv Stanshall and Neil Innes... into  Magical Mystery Tour and The Rutles..,

The Goonsy-ness that fed into this early Dick Lester film

The same Dick Lester who did A Hard Day's Night and Help but also tradsploitation movie It's Trad, Dad and The Knack (and How To Get it)

In January 1963 The Alberts presented An Evening of British Rubbish  (with Ivor Cutler, amongst others, also involved)

George Martin, who'd done the Peter Sellers LP and others comedy records, put it out on Parlophone. He also put out a single by The Alberts, The Morse Code Melody b/w Sleepy Valley

The Alberts also pop up in some Ken Russell movies, Dante’s Inferno and The Music Lovers.

Bonus beats:

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