Friday, October 12, 2012

"film version of Ursula K. Le Guin's 1971 novel "The Lathe Of Heaven". New York City's public television station WNET produced this film in 1979 with the assistance of the author and originally broadcast  in 1980"
audio special effects by laurie spiegel, working out of TV Lab, WNET's experimental TV unit

from the YouTube blurb:

"before YouTube, before Reality Television, before the Internet, artists and filmmakers pushed the boundaries of television at the TV LAB. Video synthesizers, the digital time base corrector and a blue-screen ChromaKey studio made the TV LAB a place where artists could put their hands on the latest equipment to create what became the new global phenomena of video art. TV LAB supported documentary makers who used the new PortaPak video cameras andrecorders to revolutionize storytelling by going behind the scenes to capture spontaneous action that network television had ignored. TV LAB encouraged writers, directors, choreographers and animators to experiment and innovate." 

"Television can be better than television is", this educational, historical and inspirational documentary about the TV LAB at Thirteen/WNET (1972-1984) reminds us"

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