Thursday, May 2, 2013

GL and ACM

interviewed Graham Lewis about this record, in a little cafe in Chinatown as I recall...

considering Dome/Cupol etc and the way Wire is generally deemed to break down into avant and crossover camps, here it's Lewis that's almost out-popping Newman with this tune

another Wire-affiliated thing I done an interview for: A.C. Marias

aka Angela Conway, who might be considered the Stuart Sutcliffe of Wire, sort of, because she was in a prototype group called Overload with Bruce Gilbert and Colin Newman, and she was an art student at Watford

Can't seem to find a YouTube of  "One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing", which one of us had made single of the week in Melody Maker as i recall....

The missing link between 154,  John Le Carre, and... Sally Shapiro?

We had this whole vaguely Baudrillardian or something or other take to do with the idea of non-presence as more powerful and insidious than asserting oneself / standing up / identity- a politics of mystery and abscondment...     which seemed to tally with her own statements and framing of the project, description of the song as "music to disappear to", self-description as "ex-traitor" and utterances like this: "Disappearance can be quite a powerful thing. To not be present can be more powerful than actually being present and proclaiming your identity as 'woman'. That can be quite rigid, which is why people often say they don't want to be categorised, because it can be confining."

Shame the video is blocked (in my country at least) because it was quite beautiful and haunting as I recall (directed by AC herself)

 Here's the other single off that album

A cover of a Canned Heat song, would you believe?

They have another song from the "One of Our Girls" 12 inch EP up there.

This was all 1989, but there had been a much earlier A. C. Marias tune

And this - it's other side.  Released 1980.

And a track on a Touch cassette in 1983

And something in 1986

So a series of spasmodic...  apparitions, shall we say .... occurring at evenly spaced intervals - 80, 83, 86, 89 - through the Eighties.... before she fades away altogether.....

But back at the start, she also did vocals in some of the Dome stuff

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