Monday, July 28, 2014

(via this cool Dissensus thread on the Late Night City Aesthetic)

Oooh that flickering gtr lick

Kinda like a jazz-funk E2-E4
The axeman finding the intersection between Manuel Gottsching and George Benson

 The concept of "late night city" and the (an)aesthetic of smoooooov made me think of two things:

1/ R&B station I tuned into while in London in the summer of 2004 - a weekday transmission, in the small hours -- which I blogged about here:

Choice FM, 96.9 (pirate or legal?), Mondays after-midnight--Jenny Francis "The Slowdown". The eroto-langourous mist of Co-Ed’s "My Place", underpinned with post-"Sexual Healing" 808 clave-poings and basspulse; the softcore pornhaze of Usher’s "Seduction"; Brandy’s Coldplay/"Clocks" piano sampling "Should I Stay". Slowjamz as ambient; put-you-in-the-mood music. Extremism of lushness/loveliness/luxuriance--refuting Noise-dogma as surely as Shirley Brown and The Dramatics did back in the day. Texted in, dedications to "Tulse Hill man dem." 

2/ Thomas Leer's "Tight As A Drum" from the incredible 4 Movements EP

Which I described (for the Rip It Up compilation on V2) thus:

"A tingling, tremulous mist of synthetic sighs and shivers, "Tight as a Drum"
captures the frayed euphoria of a young man who's made it through 'til
dawn's early light

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