Thursday, October 9, 2014

Something oddly compelling about second-division, or outright poor punk / new wave

Seems a million years ago, don't it?

Also listening to the UK second-division punk, or the second-wave of it a few years on, you do often really feel that thing Carducci wrote about: the way that ideological sympathy / solidarity on the part of the audience supplies what is absent in the group's performance, responding to their intention rather than what is actually achieved

So nothing

Me and my brothers Tim and Jez found about 15 copies of the empty sleeve of this album in Oxford Street, brought them home and stared at them in fascination. But only just heard the music for the first time now!

Chelsea! Now there's a group that'll never be reappraised

I'm not sure if I ever even heard them at the time

Nor Peter and the Test Tube Babies

There's a great piece, very funny, about the Lurkers by Paul Morley,would you believe....

Weird to finally - after seeing their image countless times back in the day, their logo on the back of leather jackets worn by Berko  punx -  to finally hear The Adicts for very the first time

And they're still treading the boards!

Elvis Costello said The Anti Nowhere League had the best name, and the best slogan -- "We're the Anti Nowhere League - and you're not!"

The after birth of punk seemed to hang on much much longer than the afterbirth of psychedelia....

The second-wave blethered on well into the mid-Eighties

But going back to the second-div of the first wave - I remembered this as being half-alright but by jiminy it's a puny pummel

This one i remember loving at the time - the single "Teenage Warning", never heard the full album - and was annoyed they spoiled their Big Chance by playing it live and sloppy on TOTP

Another mystery: the boringness of major label Stiff Little Fingers cf their ferocious start

Still, when it was good -- Ruts, X Ray Spex, Rezillos, Undertones, even (whisper it) Sham 69 (in moments) - it was great.

Truth is I liked all this stuff in tandem with the postpunk for quite a while.

And then there's anarcho-punk, my younger brothers's passion.... later for that though

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  1. I discovered this UK Subs song in the "This is England" soundtrack. Love it