Friday, March 27, 2015

plastique fantastique

Before Robyn, before Annie, before Sally Shapiro....   Before Aqua, before Kylie....  the original hipper-to-be-square, plastic-as-positive transvaluation - Dollar

Horn's influence from 10.c.c. "I'm Not In Love" utterly apparent from that one.

Faberoonie as far as it goes - but has anyone ever actually felt an emotion off of Dollar?

That to me is the difference between Dollar  and Altered Images, an equally produced band arguably (Rushent) but with an unmistakeable twinge of real yearning in there.

That's the difference between 80s pop and New Pop - the former is about entertainment professionals; the latter is about autonomous artistic entities, nearly all of whom came out of punk and postpunk

(Kim Wilde another case in point - regardless of the New Wave stylizing of the product, or the excellence of some of the singles - it's just 80s pop, to be bracketed with Bucks Fizz rather than Orange Juice or Duran).

Vaguely recall reading about a  Thereza Bazar solo album produced by Arif Mardin, that cost half-a-million to make, got advance hype, but barely seemed to come out at all...

Well it must have done because there was a video for the title track

Dollar sans Trevor Horn production  - early

Dollar sans  Trevor Horn production - later

First effort on their own again, and not a bad simulation of the Horn sound

didn't realise they had this after-career, with a Stock Aitken Waterman-ish sound

Dollar, before Dollar - i.e. the Brotherhood of Man-like outfit Guys & Dolls - Dollar are the couple on the left

A rmx of "videotheque", not eccojam by Chuck Person style, but intended to be  "loosely based on Daft Punk's Discovery album, especially tracks like High Life"

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