Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Burundi Wow Wow (original junglists)

For about eighteen months, Bow Wow Wow were my favoritest band in the whole wide world

In my first year at college I had this ginormous poster for the See Jungle album that I'd somehow managed to peel off of a hoarding in London.... probably by ripping it starting from the layers of poster and glue well below the top layer....  Ragged and glue stained, it took over a whole wall of my room at Brasenose

I had all the band's stuff except for the first single for some reason (maybe my brother bought it) ....  "W.O.R.K.", Your Cassette Pet, "Prince of Darkness", the See Jungle album and the singles off it, and some other odd E.P. (I think) release that had "Mile High Club" on it ... even got the post-McLaren, Mike Chapman produced album....

I think the Chapman connection must have come about through the Blondiesque vybe of this song...

So keen I was on the whole vision thing around the band I even bought a Vivien Westwood World's End frock for my first girlfriend (she never wore it, and fair enough...  bloody expensive it was though for a student on a grant)

She and I saw them play live once in St Albans probably in between "W.O.R.K." and See Jungle

A year or two ago I saw them for a second time  - with my last girlfriend - as part of an Eighties nostalgia line-up at the Hollywood Bowl.... bottom of a bill that also featured Psychedelic Furs and was topped by The Go Go's, who were just great ...  Bow Wow Wow - well, it was sweet to see them...  but the drummer they had, in lieu of Dave Barbarossa, couldn't get the rolling and tumbling beat right at all... and the guitarist taking the twangy place of Matthew Ashman (RIP) was only moderately swashbuckling....

Actually they sound alright in this clip someone took on their phone, but in the audiotorium it didn't sound so hot.

Can't embed my absolute favorite song of theirs - "Hello Hello Daddy (I'll Sacrifice You")

This would be in the Top 5

Now this next one really ought be a convergence of my passions / universes so righteously designed-pour-MOI that my head explodes

Unfortunately it's ruddy awful...

Need to wipe that from my memory-screen ASAP

Now this, this is hauntological

I was really into Adam and the Ants too, but I'm not ready to show the photographs. Not yet.

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