Wednesday, November 18, 2015



mix by Ian Mcnire aka Musicophilia


"The spiritual successor to the '1981 - Heart' post-punk mix, 'The Dawning' traces the most emotionally evocative aspects of post-punk and new wave as they grew into some of the the most sophisticated adult-oriented pop music of the mid and late 1980s. Dry, angular guitars, funk bass and fuzzy analogue synths transform into carefully treated spare piano, jazz-inspired fretless and upright bass, and solid-state synths, samplers and sequencers, often married with strings, brass and woodwinds. The canvas may be larger, the screen wider, but the emotional heft is, if anything, enhanced by the relative polish employed by artists entering full artistic maturation, unafraid of beauty. A soundtrack of autumn becoming winter, equal parts city lights and sunrise.
For fans of CFCF, The Knife, St. Vincent, Bjork, Antony & The Johnsons, Caribou, Stina Nordenstam, Peaking Lights, etc. Check for more information, downloads, and other Musicophilia mixes."

"Morale" written and produced by British Electric Foundation + Glenn Gregory

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  1. Thanks, Simon--hope you liked it. Finally been reading 'Retromania' and hope to have a cogent response at some point, but definitely makes me chuckle wondering if I'd be a poster child for some particular form of retromania : ) At least I can operate confidently knowing I'm not the ephemera-collecting type--my interest in old music is "all about the music".