Wednesday, December 9, 2015

the rhythm method

two songs that could be put into conversation with each other

topics for heated discussion including

- racial longing

-  cosmologies of rhythm / politics of rhythm (vitalist rhythm versus annihilating rhythm, freeing rhythm versus fascist rhythm)

-  cultural feminism/second-wave feminism versus postfeminism / cyborg feminism

- faux-Jamaican versus real-Jamaican

... and probably a bunch of other things

i am feeling too hungover to attempt such a colloquy today

a third voice in the conversation could be

and a fourth

i'm minded also of Green's pipe dream of getting Kraftwerk and Gregory Isaacs to collaborate (the original version of 'Slave To the Rhythm' was "Germanic" and then it was rethought and go-go-ized)

and the mooted but never allowed to happen collaboration between A Certain Ratio and Grace Jones on a cover of Talking Heads's "Houses In Motion" and possibly a whole album, to be recorded at Compass Point

also the fact that it was Island who thought go go might be the next reggae for them (they'd already tried and failed with Afropop and King Sunny Ade) and went so far as to funded a movie about the DC scene with Troublefunk involved called Good To Go - that initially was directed by Don Letts, until he was fired by Chris Blackwell

actually interviewed Troublefunk around that time.... was not convinced by go go and the expectations around it bubbling in London style bible / soulboy circles


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