Monday, November 28, 2016

pub rock names

pub rock names are the worst!

Ducks Deluxe
Eggs Over Easy
Bees Make Honey
Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers
The Winkies
Count Bishops
Bram Tchaichovsky
Fabulous Poodles

only good ones
Dr Feelgood
Kilburn and the High Roads

Wreckless Eric

although that said probably jam bands have some pretty terrible names. see also psy-trance maybe.


  1. 'sake! Kilburn and the High Roads is a terrible name! Dr Feelgood is the most boring name of any band in the world. And what's wrong with Count Bishops or Kokomo? You've got this one *completely* wrong, Simon!

  2. how do you rate "Stackwaddy"?

  3. love the name Stackwaddy. would they count as pub rock? they were kind of too heavy and primitivist, weren't they? i'm going by memories of John Peel playing them. Another good group in that vague sort of zone is Tractor. Pub rock groups on the whole were kind of muso and skilled.

  4. i stand by my verdict, Mr Bollops. Kilburn and the High Roads is a great name for a pub rock group, it makes you thinks of public houses. Dr Feelgood i think is a pretty good name - sort of blues reference, right? and then there's the amphetamine connotations. So it hits it on the nose. Kokomo is just pukeworthy, isn't there an awful late period Beach Boys called that? Count Bishops is okay, i suppose, it's just meaningless - what is a count bishop?

  5. *shakes head sadly* Anyway, in this general area, how do you feel about First Name Surname? As in, artistes who go by an actual name - I won't say singer-songwriters cos it's not exclusive to that genre. I've always felt that there is something fundamentally wrong with it. All those album covers: "First Name Surname" on *photograph* of First Name Surname. It's like a deliberate insistence on ordinariness. You were talking about being "earthbound" a while back - it's a cousin to that. A close friend of.

  6. you mean like Nilsson? or the other way around.

  7. Yeah, maybe Stackwaddy are too heavy/hairy. Very odd band though. What about Brinsley Shwarz?

  8. I just mean names: Nick Cave, Barbra Streisand, Stevie Wonder etc etc. I don't hold with it. I don't want to be reminded that the artist is a real person, especially in the case of artists who have gone solo. "The one out of the Birthday Party" etc. They should be made to adopt a band name, even if the act is just them and a microphone. Nick Cave could be Ducks Deluxe :)

  9. actually i think i meant to put Brinsley Schwarz in there, rather than Bram Tchaikovsky! Get them confused! One became the Motors, and the other had Nick Lowe in? either way, horrible name, and i gather second-hand not much cop as a band either. NRBQ are the American equivalent of a lot of this stuff - licksmanship but not prog.

  10. no i don't have a problem with people using their name. that seems a little bit of an odd hobby-horse to be honest. Nick Cave doesn't sound like a real name anyway. It sounds more like Clint Ruin. Like a stage name. Or Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars out of Motley.

  11. I always thought Fabulous Poodles was great and hilarious band name like Throbbing Gristle....actually maybe I thought they were both stupidly shite names. Still funny though.

  12. well it's deliberately bathetic and wimpy which is a New Wave move.