Thursday, January 12, 2017

new Hybrid Palms gear!

on the Italian label  Artetetra whose preferred zone of alteration seems to be 5th world / nu-exotica

release rationale:

In this new work curated and produced by artetetra and designed by Giulia Bencini and Disegnini Brutti in a very short issue of 50 CDRs, Cheap Galapagos and Hybrid Palms bring together an entire imaginary of cheap tropicalisms, lo-fi exotica and virtual soundscapes concerning all the aesthetic elements of touristic trips from the glorious era of 50's/80's commercials and vintage holidays photo books. 

While Cheap Galapagos propose their idea of caraibic/samoan/jungle music with two long compositions that mix strong influenced environmental ambiences à la Dolphins Into The Future/Lieven Moana Martens and Fluorescent Heights with Hailu Mergia styled harmonium groovy organs and goofy percussions and xylophones, the russian Hybrid Palms demonstrate to be really attached to a very genuine vapor influenced perception of Tiki music with 5 tracks showing a summerish lysergic mood that reminds of earliest synthwawe as well as some of Sun araw latest experimentations. 

The work result is to be a coherent and fresh vision on the new developments and shades of tropical music and exotic vaporwave that the italian label seems to love and support. 

Shiny Beaches with giant palms scattered all around, greenish water full of unknown new marine animals and a shitton of deluxe and gorgeous malls full of kitsch souvenirs shops take over the imagination of the listener who can take a whole all-comfort vacation from his boring daily life only through the almighty Internet.

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