Saturday, February 4, 2017


and more Japanese mixology! This time, it's a trawl through the Shibuya-kei sound/scene  (as discussed in Retromania) courtesy of tour guide  W. David Marx, the Japanese pop culture expert I interviewed in the book's chapter on that country's curatorial flair and retrophile fervour.

And here's Marx's accompanying essay at his blog Neojaponisme

Further reading: his six-part series on Shibuya-kei


  1. Wow

    Haven't heard this stuff since it was all over Melbourne radio in the 90s. My Fave was Cornelius whose Fantasma would be in my top 10 90s albums.

    The Avalanches must have loved this gear. What a forgotten pleasure this mix is. Buffalo Daughter - totally forgot about them. Now Rory if you're out there I want my Fantasma cd back.

  2. yes i was thought "Avalanches-y" when i was listening to the mix!