Monday, March 27, 2017

"and I'm Ian"

the last pretty-decent thing they did?

well, the lyrics are good on this

otherwise the album is a desert

and then Dury solo... i can't even remember if I checked it out once or not, but if I did left little impression, except for this

such a tragedy that he and Chas couldn't keep it together

that was supposed to the Important track on his solo debut album, the one with the message - a self-conscious epic at just shy of 15 minutes long - and as i recall rather different on the original LP than this contemporized edit...  As music quite urgent and driving, but you can only imagine how  it might have sounded with a commanding Dury vocal rather than Jankel's subdued and mousy effort

when it all went on the turn... turning back into pub rock (Wilko was never right for the Blockheads)

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