Saturday, June 10, 2017


euro-kitschadelic disco-glam

reminds me slightly of this

and there is a connection with this

there's a story that Cozy supplied the drums on "Venus" but elsewhere it says it's man-machine superdrummer Keith Forsey


  1. Holy crap - I was familiar with the record cover of Venus but had never actually heard it. It's brilliant! Drums remind me of Sparks' 'Beat the Clock'. Also in this vicinity: Killing Joke's 'Unspeakable':

  2. it's unbelievably good isn't it! getting the album is #1 on my list now, and luckily there must be about half a million floating around the UK, dirt cheap, although i fear scratched up and worn to buggery. they never get talked about Boney M, although i recall Chuck Eddy was a celebrant in one or other of his books.

  3. 'Nightflight to Venus' was one of my favorite air drumming tracks as a kid, Boney M being one of those hands that I successfully (and unfortunately) disavowed upon arriving as a proper teen and embracing 'serious' music. Really wonderful production. Also, love the idea of Frank Farian creating a group (without himself) for his singular vision. Very different from the Monkees model in that his 'voice' was linked to another person (Bobby Farrell, the Boney M 'lead singer') altogether. Interesting, the racial dimensions of this frontman surrogacy.

  4. There's nothing as good as this on the rest of the album, sadly, though Rasputin and Painter Man are on there and they're good value.