Sunday, September 17, 2017



  1. I did a long piece about Jorge Antunes (considered to be the first person to do pure electonic music in Brazil), whom i interviewed for Vice Brasil:
    Since it´s in portuguese i guess is not of much use, but among the many interesting stories he told me there´s a scholarship he achieved in the early 70´s at the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) with Pierre Schaeffer (who he disliked) and Françoise Bayle (who he liked a lot), during the period he scaped from Brazil avoiding the military dictatorship.
    Also a funny story about travelling through Europe with an EMS Synthi A - bought directly from Peter Zinovieff in London – hidden in the baby´s cart of his son to avoid customs. He currently lives in Brasília and is very politically active, being filiated to PSOL, a left-wing party, and from time to time still performs with electronic instruments.

  2. that's really interesting - and a shame i can't read Portuguese as I would love to read the full Antunes story.

    really blown away by how much amazing electro-acoustic and tape music came out of Brazil

    and Latin American generally


    Some english insights about the subject (+ new faces).