Tuesday, January 2, 2018


a concept album about the Rosenbergs, making early use of the Synclavier

blurb off of Keymap from an age ago oversells it a bit (well it's an online second-hand record emporium innit) but still an intriguing curio...

"... put out by the great Colorado-based label best known for their Tod Dockstader releases.... probably the most wacked-out experimental sounds ever coaxed out of the legendary Synclavier synth ... inspired by the Rosenberg espionage trial and incorporate some amazing stereophonic/spatial experiments, "percussive-motoric backgrounds," "a stammering duet between microtonal toy pianos accompanied by the swirling sounds of water droplets and moaning humanoids," "occultist chants," "16 water glasses transformed via digital sampling and resynthesis into an infinitely modulating accompaniment," "a high speed 16-voice fugue played by cowbells," digitally processed excerpts of the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg's letters and the judge's sentencing speech, and other wonderful electro-madness facilitated by the Synclavier's unique capabilities of mixing sampled and synthesized sounds in real time and clearly influenced by text-sound, musique concrete..."

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