Sunday, March 11, 2018

mouth music (a load of B.S., or, Uncle Bob Cobbing and all)

a really interesting and entertaining BBC radiodoc - created by D.J. Taylor and Geoff Bird - about experimental novelists and sound poets of the British Sixties, involving deep dives into the BBC radio archives

B.S. Johnson, Ann Quin, Bob Cobbing, Rosemary Tonks, Alan Burns, Christine Brooke-Rose...

Particularly tantalising are snippets of the BBC Radiophonic / Delia Derbyshire collaborations with Tonks ("Sono-Montage") and Cobbing ("ABC in Sound")

More on Tonks here

Fragments of other Bob C stuff

Jandl - another sound poet the Radiphonic Workshop worked with

My favorite -  Lily Greenham

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