Friday, April 13, 2018


and this one I watched in 1978

SS-GB on TV is due soon, isn't it?

always think it's a bit lazy that so many "if Axis Powers won WW2 "novels involve detective or police based plots.... i suppose it's a way of having a narrative that cuts across many levels of society or the power structure, or exposes the nefarious inner doings... but it would be more interesting to have the perspective of more 'bystander' type figures... which is what Philip K. Dick did so brilliantly with The Man in the High Castle (although with more power-structure type plot lines worked in there as well). I have no idea if the TV version of Man in High Castle carries that across - I suspect not - because i stopped watching it after two episodes, just couldn't stand it - mostly the look of it, that obviously CGI-d look of buildings, cityscapes etc. And the cheap noir and action-orientation.  How much more chilling and effective to show an altered world from its nondescript, backwater zones

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