Thursday, May 17, 2018

desire as wild horses

Paddy Mc on male desire, the male gaze

(Love the way "Wild Horses" seems like it's constructed out of glass planes organised in accordance with lines and angles drawn on graph paper). *

Obviously we could also include here the similarly amorously unreformable / recidivist "Horsin' Around" but the title-chorus is deeply off-putting donchathink? Great Tune though.

Oh go on then...

Oh yes, there's also this slice of the male-feminist would-be-New Man blues:

"If I'm troubled by every folding of your skirt / am I guilty of every male inflicted hurt?"
And this

* - in an interview around Jordan: the Comeback, Paddy Mc says:

“I find it easier to write on keyboard because there’s more range for interesting chordal effects. I’m also not deeply in love with a band sound, which might sound strange to you, but I like what I call abstract arrangements. In a sense, although it’s got bass and drums and guitar, I think of an abstract arrangement as being something like Wood Beez by SCRITTI POLITTI It’s hard to imagine that song working outside of a studio. But I suppose that thought is almost contrary to the reputation we have because I’m seen as a serious songwriter and that’s usually associated with the worthy acoustic guitar in hand"

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