Thursday, November 8, 2018

suuhun musiikkia ( pilkottu laulaa jauhautunut nykiminen)

release rationale:

"The most striking detail of ‘Another Life' is Amnesia Scanner's use of both human and inhuman voices. The latter is provided by the latest addition to the production unit, a disembodied voice called Oracle, which represents the sentience that has emerged from Amnesia Scanner. Oracle's vocal performance ranges from exuberant mania to anxious dread and beyond. Coupled with the pop song structures that Amnesia Scanner employs for the first time, the avant-EDM productions  of ‘Another Life’ evocatively explore a schizophrenic present marked by narratives of a slow apocalypse or salvation via technology. Indeed, the lullaby of 'AS Another Life' swings between trill hope and casual 
threat, lending a precarious gait to the song's staggering rhythm. The album's first single, 'AS Chaos', is its most powerfully direct track, with Pan Daijing’s English and Mandarin vocals taking over for Oracle. At its peak intensity, as in ‘AS Faceless’, Amnesia Scanner's doombahton overheats into nu-metal-gabba. "

from the Dazed interview with Amnesia Scanner by Lewis Gordon:

Ville Haimala: .... On the new record, we wanted to create a voice for the project – what we call ‘Oracle’. It’s not a sentient being, but a stack of software, and the end product coming out of it is this voice. Perhaps it’s got a little bit of its own will as well.

Martti Kalliala: This isn’t actually automation, but another important factor in what we’re doing is using platforms such as Fiverr to commission sound work. We’ve outsourced a lot of small things here and there.

What have you outsourced?

Martti Kalliala: Voice work, for example. For a long time, the question was, ‘How do we bring a voice into this, but avoid that dynamic of the beat producer and the vocalist? Whose voice is it, and how do we frame that voice?’ The way to do it was to somehow anonymise the voice. We could just buy these disembodied voices from the other side of the world and start to do things with them.

How has Oracle and the use of its voice impacted the record?

Ville Haimala: A lot of the things that Oracle does on the record is almost kind of mimicking pop tropes or gestures. Increasingly, pop music is built around memes. These hooks turn into memes, and artists apply their memetic hooks over and over again. Everyone’s happy with it. When we started the album, it was also about studying song structure and what happens if we package our very intense sonic world more traditionally."

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