Saturday, May 18, 2019

musique de bouche (son champion)

in my Top 5 all-time electronic tape concrete etc toons

from this #1 electronofiend fetish object


amazingly nobody's properly scanned and disbursed to the commons the inner booklet

that's all i could find

Image result for electronic panorama prospective siecle

maybe i should scan my own?

and likewise zero information out there about the making of "Ponomatopees" '

you tend to assume everything is known, documented, historicized, archived...  simply because so much nonsense and inanity is thoroughly covered .... but there are plenty of gaps, untold stories...

likewise I've never really heard the story told of how the Prospective 21eme siecle imprint got started,  who was in charge of it, and why it was over so quickly after such a short, intense burst of activity - about 35 records in around three-four years.

nobody even seems to know who the designer was

perhaps the story is out there in French but nothing's ever turned up when i've gone a-searchin'


  1. One would be this track by Peter Eotvos I think

    i also really love this thing by Harrison Birtwhistle / Peter Zinovieff

    And this by Henri Sauguet is magical (shame about the hideous image they've stuck on the videoclip!)

    and then maybe this one by Pierre Henry

    but i think i'd really have to go up to a Top 10 or Top 20 as i'm already think of many rivals - i mean you can't not rate Karlheinz's Hymnen... Trevor Wishart Red Bird... there's so many... maybe i'll do that some point, my top 20, or 50, or 100