Tuesday, June 8, 2010

even as a rock-ignorant 12 year old i knew there was something a bit off about Rock Follies

julie covington had been a folk singer and definitely has pipes (if somewhat strident and shrill) but you'd think for the other two they could found people who had thespian skills but also a bit of rock'n'roll about them

still in lots of ways, only some of them campy, this is a highly enjoyable series to watch as a rock-no-longer-ignorant adult, if you happen to live in a building where people throw out all kinds of amazing stuff, books, records, bizarre porn, and sometimes complete series of 70s British TV shows that they taped onto videocassette off PBS when said series was aired at some point in the Eighties.

talking about thesps-as-rockers i wonder what Helen Mirren was like as rock singer Maggie in the original 1975 version of this...

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