Friday, June 4, 2010

Like Gaga, like Beyonce, it's all grist to the PhD mill I spose. I'm surprised anyone can still get mentally aroused by the Cyborg Woman stuff. It's all a bit 1995.(But then so is the talk that surrounds e.g. Cosmogramma in lots of ways).

Where did all those ideas go? Donna Haraway got into this trip that was the academic equivalent of those people who fall in love with their pets, really think they're listening and can understand your problems.

I actually started reading this, only to give up several pages in, partly because it was a bit labored, but mainly because I thought, "I'm reading a book about dogs"

Oh yes forgot about this one ... Modest_Witness@Second_Millennium.FemaleMan©Meets_
OncoMouse ™
... another "got to page 11" job. Turgidity beyond the call.

Cybertheory, I would have to say,pretty much killed my enthusiasm for theory for a good while back there. (That and postcolonialism). In fact this volume may very well be the culprit, the final blow.

The cyber stuff does work best with pop culture, it's true, CGI-era movies and industrial and techno and what not. But found with 99 percent of it, back then at least, is that there was a weak sense of music, i.e. the one area where all these ideas were really in play. You would get, at best, a chapter on Survival Research Laboratories. Or a reference to Skinny Puppy.

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