Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[i would post "Kite Dance" off Jan Garbarek's Paths, Prints but it's not on YouTube]

suddenly remembered this bloke i used to know - unusual chap, a philosopher in the literal sense of the word, that was his job, he led a bookish existence of extremely regular habits, monkishly austere apart from this one luxury: ECM recordings ... he was nut for anything on ECM, had every single release by them... and he turned me onto a whole bunch of things on the label -- i was already interested on account of being obsessed with Paths, Prints, which I'd taped off Stubbs some years before... which then led me to pick up a few other things (Hassell's Power Spot, Characters, Sargasso Sea, Dis, some others -- you could get ECM cut-outs cheap then, they had been produced and distributed in too copious amounts following the success of Keith Jarrett's Koln Concerts which i've still never heard)... and i then had started reviewing a few ECM releases in MM on account of 1989 being something of an entropic year -- anyway this was what prompted this philosopher fellow to get in touch

now this is one of the things John B taped for me if i recall right

we parted company on bad terms, and explosively - but nuff respekk to Mr B, wherever you are

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