Saturday, January 28, 2012

when they were great they were untouchable

but then there's the Shit Period

these two get a surprising amount of play on US classic rock radio

as Idol judges would say, Plant's a bit "pitchy" in these

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  1. But it's the pitchiness that stops late Zeppelin being completely shit, isn't it? They were apparently going for the kind of formulaic wimp-rock that Journey were succeeding with at the time, and that Aerosmith would go mega-platinum with in the coming decade. But they are just a bit too weird to get it right, and Plant is a big part of the reason. He's closer to John Lydon than Steve Perry.

    That said, you'd have to pay me to listen to 'Fool in the Rain' again. But 'All of my Love' has a schlocky epic power to it. And some of the other stuff on ITTOD is not bad at all.