Sunday, August 18, 2013

Derek Jarman short from the mid-Seventies

seem to remember seeing a whole bunch of these shorts in Oxford, probably at the Museum of Modern Art

the one that lodged in my memory took place in a squat

is this it? surely it is....

yet my memory of it is different, somehow more golden... like the film was made of gilt that was flaking off

i don't think it had the music overlaid on it when me and P. Oldfield saw it - the music (very good, by Simon Fisher Turner)  is interfering with my memory correlation efforts

this is it, i think

and in fact it must have had the music on it, because there's his name in the credits at the end  -- just "Simon Turner"

never thought I'd see this again

hooray for YouTube

and hooray for Toys and Techniques  who this is also via

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