Monday, August 5, 2013

turn to watch the strange The-The Changes

They showed this to children! Children that had just come home from school! Sitting on the carpet with their McVities and Jaffa Cakes and Penguins and their mugs of milk and cups of tea!

BBC advised it was "for older children" - but how do you prevent the little 'uns from watching? I was eleven when I saw it, my brothers were nine and six... 

youtube blurb: "The Changes, broadcast every Monday from 6th January to 10th March 1975, was one of the BBC's first post-apocalyptic TV programmes (barring Peter Watkins' The War Game (see below)). The children's TV series depicted the breakdown of society after people are compelled to reject and destroy technology of all kinds including the simplest machinery. This violent reaction and people's subsequent desertion of the country is triggered by a sound seemingly emitted by electricity pylons. schoolgirl Nicky Gore (played by Victoria Williams) is caught amidst the chaos and gets separated from her parents who are heading to France in the hope of finding safety. The series follows Nicky's journey to be reunited with her parents and seek an answer to the cause of The Changes. The series was an adaptation of The Devil's Children - the first of three novels in The Changes trilogy by author Peter Dickinson which also included Heartsease and The Weathermonger. Filming took place over the summer of 1973 and was shot in the West Country, namely Bristol, the Forest of Dean and Sharpness. Although playing a schoolgirl in her early teens, Victoria Williams celebrated her eighteenth birthday during filming."

Telly scholars discuss The Changes

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