Sunday, September 18, 2016

fLizzy miss fLizzy

they didn't only do cover versions, Flying Lizards

but mostly they did

(that one is Brecht-Weill by the way)

the joke.... wore.....  a bit....  thin, didn't it?

the original non-original's still the greatest

oh but this came before "Money" didn't it

the secret dub life album is a good listen - a companion perhaps to Jah Wobble's solo album In Betrayal

fascinating story behind the existence of this record, not what i expected to learn at all

he loved his echo, Mr Cunningham - this B-side to "TV" is a dubmix of the A-side

Well here's an odd thing, Deborah Evans-Stickland, who did the debutante-like "Money" vocal, went off and tried the own F-Liz deadpan classic-cover trick on her own - with this Dennis Bovell produced ditty

it did not get back on her TOTP

Debs interviewed

Deb 'n' Dave interviewed back in the day

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