Thursday, September 8, 2016

pstill a psucker for psych

oh it can be pso psilly, pso psickly-effete, pso psuperficial in its bandwagon-jumping gimmickry ... but i'm pstill psuch a psucker for psych

imagine I would have been a pserious hippie if i hadn't been four + five at the time

it's always fun when they try to get into musique concrete / electro-acoustic -y zones

when I have a pspare moment I am going to give this enpsyclopaedic treatment of the music-as-music a proper read  (yet another very chunky Faber music title - a corpus to which I shall be adding psomething equally corpulent in exactly one month)

yes i wish psych had gone on a bit longer, the backlash into all that woody / backwoodsy sounding folk-country-blues jammy bearded  music is one of the worst things ever. much prefer psecond-div rip-off psych pshite to second-div rip-off heavy'n'roots shite. well to be honest i prefer the psecond-div psych pshite to most of the first-div heavy'n'roots stuff.

I mean given the choice between



  1. Re: psych vs folky-blues shite, GOD yes. My catch-all term for the latter is Brown Music, as in the music itself is brown. It is the sound of brown. Sepia, golden syrup, evensong, cowboys, horses. All okay in their own right, but as sources of excitement, delight, fantasy, brane fun? No. That genre's popularity is one of the things that makes me wonder if the human race are actually made up of various, entirely unrelated species that just happen to look similar.

  2. Brown Music - love it! that era of group look and sound earthy and earth-bound.

  3. Exactly. Rich and *fecal*. If it were food it would be a peanut butter sandwich. I've exaggerated (not that anyone cares) my opposition to it - in small doses and at the right time/place it's just the thing. But in the balloon game psych would float on, man :)