Wednesday, December 21, 2016

mouth music - local edition

"Influenced by Polynesian vocal chants, gypsy music, Bulgarian women’s choirs, and New Orleans soul, Breadwoman’s songs strip away the baggage of coded verbal language to leave only unfiltered emotive ululations, finding an ocean full of creatures in her breath, and an orchestra in her kitchen" - Mikey IQ Jones on Los Angeles based mouth-musician Anna Homler and her album with Steve Moshier:  Breadwoman And Other Tales (RVNG Intl), which is #2 in Mikey's Top 25 Reissues of 2016 run-down at FACT

Background documentary

No end to the mouth music out there, seemingly

"Anna Homler sings in made-up languages that enable her to create remarkably expressive and exotic clusters of phonetics.Jorge Martin starting materials are sine waves, pulses, and sounds generated from the other person performing with him" 

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