Thursday, November 2, 2017

hardcore you know the scores (4, 5, 6, 7 of ????)

a  medley via Mr A. Parker



Brian Ferneyhough - String Quartet No. 6

"Do you like the sound of moving furniture? If the answer is yes, String Quartet No. 6 is music for you. Brian Ferneyhough enjoyed writing not only songs that sound well, but also songs that look well on paper. As a result, he is thought to be one of the most difficult composers to play on any instrument."  via 5 Weirdest Pieces of Classical Music

"The score itself is part of the presentation: it was huge, amounting to 800 pages in the lost fair copy, and 2,000 pages in the copy in the Paris Bibliothèque Nationale; some of the pages were cut and mounted in the shape of the cross, on cloth and colored paper. The score contains numerous fold-outs and collages. Some of the performance markings, in addition to the repairs, were in the composer's own blood."

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