Monday, February 8, 2010


wyatting versus sodcasting

difficult one isn't it -- on one level it is pure obnoxiousness, anti-social-ness, a la Carl's girl throwing garbage on the ground

but there is that other element to it

for instance if you asked me what was more anti-social, the cars that go by late at night with booming systems that shake our building to the foundation (we're right near the traffic lights so sometimes get a good chunk of a song when they're stopped), or people lost in their ipod mobile womb in the street or subway, i'd always say the latter. the booming system guys are anti-social but at least are kinda saying 'society exists and you can't get away from me and my music'.

i was going to say the difference between Wyatting and sodcasting is like the difference between whitecollar crime and ones involving violence -- the sodcasters are putting themselves on the line more, physically. but then again i daresay Wyatters are fairly easily identifiable as most likely perpetrators. i'm surprised that most accounts of wyatting usually note the surprising tolerance of pub goers to 4 hours of Merzbow, you'd have think there'd be some reprisals, affray of some sort...

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