Monday, February 8, 2010

boredom is different nowadays -- it's not the boredom of total emptiness that people used to have .... these huge gaping gulfs of time with nothing to do... in the UK there were only 3 TV channels when i grew up, hardly any radio, no videos dvds blogs etc etc... it was almost spiritual, the sensation of absolute gut gnawing boredom! i don't know maybe kids in small towns still feel like that a lot but they still have a lot more options in terms of culture that can be siphoned straight into their

boredom now -- it's a super-saturated, overloaded boredom i think. e,g, this
very evening i am rather bored but it's not cos i lack for options -- could
surf the web, check out 1000 channels of TV (slight exaggeration), or the TV
programmes saved on our equivalent to Tivo... or listen to the 3000 albums in my
hard drive that i've aquired and not listened to yet, watch any number of
DVDs that have accumulated, netradio, youtube, etc etc... there's countless
possibilities for distraction and amusement... BUT i guess they are all passive
forms, ultimately.... plus having too many possibilities kills your appetite

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