Monday, February 8, 2010

nietzche contra popism / generalism

on the dangers of historical consciousness /creeping impartialism / liking everything, mildly:

"Anything which compels a person no longer to love unconditionally cuts away the roots of his power. He must wither up, that is, become dishonest.... only when history takes it upon itself to turn itself into an art work and thus to become a purely artistic picture can it perhaps maintain the instincts or even arouse them"

on the dangers of eclecticism /excessive cultural intake

"Constantly losing more of this feeling of surprise and dislike, becoming excessively astonished no longer, or finally allowing oneself to enjoy everything—people really call that the historical sense, historical education."

of course Nietzche is just preaching basic good-sense "home economics of the libido" here: you spread the love around, you spread yourself too thin, nothing has the same depth of impact... a sort of weakly attached generalised cathexis to "pop" or "music" replaces the obsessive fixation on a particular instance or area of pop or music...

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