Wednesday, December 21, 2011

strange how something starting out as/intended as/talked-up as this totally open-ended etc etc entity became a one-trick pony so quick

the Status Quo of the cover (sub)version

and the Residents done it first anyways

there was a lot of this about in your postpunk Peely days

as in this John P fave the Hybrid Kids (aka Morgan Fisher from... Mott the Hoople? or Manfred Mann's Earth Band? can't remember)... there was a whole album of this malarkey

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  1. Very much agreed with first comment/assessment -- because that's largely how I felt at the time. But as I recall, some of the later 12"s had some interesting b-sides; in which Beresford & Cunningham (et al) got pretty experimental, exploring the Art of Noise-ish aspect of the project. Likewise with some of the album tracks. But yeah, they quickly came across as a lmtd novelty act were one to go by the singles alone.