Tuesday, December 27, 2011

when i go a-roaming randomly through the sharity blogzone, i am always amazed by how much industrial-drone / dark ambient / isolationist / noise-as-chilling-chillout-muzik is out there, how much got made over the last three decades and is still getting made

some of it in the creepy-dodgy zone



described by one blog that specialises in sharing this sort of thing as

"an original combination of cosmic, mythological and national socialistic themes, mixed and served to listener through experiments and manipulations with analog synthesizer"

said blog files 88MM under: "dark ritual, h8tronics, Nazisploitation" (among other categories)

one of the tracks on their 2008 album Motion of the Spinning Black Sun is titled

"14 Showerheads, 1 Gas-Tight Door"

88MM the name comes from a famous WWII German anti-aircraft/anti-tank artillery weapon of the type whose cumbersome got abbreviated to Flak (which i only just realised is the same flak as in the expression "i've been getting serious flack for ____"), a weapon described by one enthusiast on youtube as a "serious asskicking rape gun"

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