Wednesday, August 2, 2017

digital kitsch (Hubert & Harald)

actually pretty wacky stuff, missing link between Art of Noise and Ferraro's Far Side Virtual

a Fairlight fantasia

the full album

this one really is kitschtastic though

ooh they had prior prog form (bit like Vangelis with Aphrodite's Child maybe)

from Austria, Hubert and Harald also recorded -  later on -  as Blue Chip Orchestra

their kitschitude recognised no borders

Harald still going,  quite recently, at least


  1. stumbled upon Erdenklang by chance on YouTube, one of those 'can't even retrace your steps" meanders across the internet

    amazing that there is still stuff "out there" to be found

  2. Quite often upon discovering stuff 'out there' on the interwebs I later find Mutant Sounds have already discovered it. Like Anna Sjalv Tredje's Tussilago Fanfara the other day. Erdenklang too. Those 10 year old links are dead though. It's still a valuable resource

  3. the same thing has happened to me a few times. They were giving away so much stuff at such frequency I couldn't keep up so there's tons of things i never downloaded and now wish i had. you're right, would be interesting to go back through their back pages just to read about the weirdnesses, even w/o being able to listen. perhaps some day there will be a blog about Mutant Sounds in the same way there were blogs trying to reconstruct the Nurse with Wound list.