Sunday, August 27, 2017

so fresh and so McLean

at first it's just some really fine electronic music...

and then something seems to happen to them

i suppose in its own way it's quite intense

almost dolphins into the future zone

or verging into ferraro digi-fantasia simulacrum stuff

but it's not simply that they get a bit New Agey and mystical

it's that they start getting into the idea of theatricality - injecting the absurd and zany into electronic music performance

some sorely needed entertainment and visual divertissement

inventors of something they call the McLean Mix

sounds a bit like a Mind Meld idea -  duo synergy / symbiosis....  one personality,  two bodies

more likely it's their term for a new "total performance" approach" - sonics, video, gestures, costumes, jokes, etc?

" a burlesque involving music boxes, Happy Apple, synthesizer, party favors, and flexatones"

a huge repository of texts by and about Mr and Mrs McLean

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