Wednesday, October 21, 2009

... i'm not sure how i knew it was [him], just sort of smelled him, maybe it was just the
feel of the alter ego name and the language he uses. which incidentally
disproves mark kpunk's theories about the impersonality of text-based
communications, the voice manages to creep in, despite the nature of the
medium. it's like the fingerprint of someone's mind. in fact your blog was
all about that, voice, wasn't it. i wanna do some massive pro-personhood
post dealing with all this, the importance of charisma, grain of the voice,
intonation, voice as "language lined with flesh" as barthes had it. it's
like with MC-based music, it's not really understandable or enjoyable
except in terms of the voice, character, idioysyncracy, the rhythm of
someone's thought.

once again bloggers = MCs.

although i suppose that said, the word "character" is ambiguous, meaning
both a role you theatrically play and your truest deepest authentic self.
persona versus personality. hmmm...

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